Getting Adenoid Surgery in Bethlehem PA

ENT problems are the main cause of sick children, especially early on. The origin of these inflammatory reactions is due to viral, bacterial and/or allergen attacks. The mucosa reacts when attacked by viruses, bacteria or allergens, which causes redness and swelling. Chemical mediators are released in large numbers while the cells that will fight the phenomenon are flocking towards it. This local conflict causes signs of inflammation: heat, swelling, redness and pain. Even Adenoid Surgery in Bethlehem PA is necessary because children (and adults) snore beyond belief.

Repetition of acute incidents can lead to chronicity. For instance, rhinitis is a viral issue that every child has seen at least once in their lifetime (even if they don’t know it). This “stuffy nose” issue presents itself with overwhelming snot, persistent coughing, and even chronic snoring. These issues can be exacerbated by ear pain and bronchitis.

Rhino-pharyngitis is the most frequent affliction of children between 1 and 6 years of age. The throat is red; there is purulent nasal discharge, and often a fever. Everything should be better in 5-6 days after treatment begins. In the case of complications (ethmoids, sinusitis, otitis, ganglion inflammations, bronchitis), more intensive treatment is required.

Ethmoids have characteristic symptoms: swelling, hot and painful eyelids, purulent nasal discharge, and fever. Antibiotic treatment is imperative. Sinusitis, on the other hand, affect children over two years of age. Characterized by a nocturnal cough, decreased appetite and a small chronic fever, the sinuses can become chronic and accompanied by polyps. These small benign tumors of the nasal cavities and sinuses increase nasal destruction. For this reason, Adenoid Surgery in Bethlehem PA may be needed.

Acute otitis media is an inflammation and infection of the middle ear. These ear infections are more or less painful and can impose paracentesis. Their repetition can lead to several issues like serous otitis and acute laryngitis. Serous otitis is often maintained by hypertrophy of the adenoids, and an ablation is generally necessary. Acute laryngitis causes a dry and harsh cough, often at night. The child “barks” and breathes badly. Viruses are the main cause of this issue. Visit for more details.

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