What Are Varicose Veins and How Can You Treat Them?

Varicose veins are a pretty common condition but that does not make most people feel any better about them. Without getting to technical, your veins have a one way type valve, if something happens to the valve (it often does) the blood backs up in the vein. The vein swells and sometimes twists and can be easily seen under the skin. You wind up with a swollen blue vein. They are usually not dangerous but they can be painful sometimes. They often feel like a bruise does. Some patients report a throbbing sensation from the vein as well.

Many people feel very self-conscious about this condition and it limits what they can wear. These types of vein issues typically appear on the legs but they can also appear in other areas as well.

The Treatment Options

Up until the last decade you had very limited treatment options:

1. Surgery  (stripping)
2. Surgery (removal)
3. Injections

All of the treatments resulted in some type of scarring, the possibility of infection and at least some scarring. Stitches were often used to close the wound. None of the treatments were that appealing, although most were effective. Today things have really taken a turn for the better when it comes to treating varicose and spider veins. Thanks to new technology approved in 2004 lasers can be used to treat these veins without leaving behind a scar, without having to cut into the skin and with great results!

Lasers Are Less Invasive

The easiest option when it comes to treatment is always the best option. The less risk of complication the better. The less anesthetic required the better and of course the less manipulation the better. Lasers are now the preferred treatment option but not every clinic has the equipment or the know how so if you are dealing with this condition look for a clinic that offers laser treatments and avoid having to do things the old way. Visit us at http://www.veinswithoutsurgery.com to know more.

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